Luke’s current band is Big Outside. They play all-original global groove music, rooted in reggae, afropop and funk. Their debut album, released in 2015, is called Planetary

Big Outside: Planatary

Happy Savage played in the Seattle area from 1996 to 2004, with funked-up blues, rock, reggae, and world beat dance grooves, and jams that boldly go where no jam has gone before. The Happy Savage album Treehugger was released in 2000.

Happy Savage: Treehugger

Michelle Dedman Quartet (9 song videos, click upper left): Alki Tavern Seattle 1998 – with Rod Backman (Bass) Luke Painter (Guitar) and Mark Drake (drums)

Michelle Dedman Quartet (4 song videos): Sandy Bradley’s Potluck 1995 – Live Radio Show! – with Rod Backman (Bass) Luke Painter (Guitar) Mark Drake (drums) and Lou Magor (piano)

Michelle Dedman and Luke Painter (8 song videos): Seattle Folklife 2012

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